1. 3D Embellishments

3D Embellishments Scrapbook Ideas

Paper embellishments are very popular materials used on scrapbooks because these are easy to make and there are numerous designs to choose from. You can write or print on it, and add more colors by cutting out different card stocks, and stick them all together using a foam double sided tape to come up with a 3D look.

2. Calligraphy

Calligraphy Scrapbook Ideas

Calligraphy, also known as decorative handwriting, is a wonderful way to add oomph to your scrapbook pages. It may not be easy, but with the help of some YouTube tutorials or basic calligraphy books, you’ll surely get to understand and master all the strokes in a jiffy. There are a lot of great calligraphy pens that you can use such as brush, felt tip, flexible nib pens, and many more. Some of the popular brands to choose from are Pilot and Zig.

3. Paper Punchers

Paper Punchers Scrapbook Ideas

Paper punchers are another helpful craft tools to help you come up with good images on your scrapbook. You don’t need to cut out the papers manually as these will help you achieve the look. Whether you want a diamond, a flower or a butterfly, you can definitely achieve a uniform look using paper punchers. Some of the most renowned brands are EK Tools and Recollections. These can be purchased on Amazon, Ebay or Michaels.

4. Cut-Out Papers

Cut Out Papers Scrapbook Ideas

If you do not have paper punchers, or if you cannot find one that can achieve the look that you want, cut out the papers by yourself. You can search for patterns on Google or Pinterest, print the design and manually cut it.  Make sure that you use a high quality, thick paper or cardstock so it will not get damages easily.

5. Page Flags

Page Flags Scrapbook Ideas

Page flags, especially those made of eye catching colors, can be used to write important information about what the page is all about. These can also be used as markers that stick out of the pages so you can easily find them, say for example, a milestone of your child or an unforgettable date you’ve had with your partner. If you will use it as a design on the page, you can choose a designed paper, cut a rectangular shape and then cut a tiny triangle on one end. The procedure is similar if you will use it as a page marker, just make sure that you use a thick material that cannot be folded easily. You can also have it laminated for added protection. Definitely one of the most amazing scrapbook ideas that you must not miss.

6. Printed Papers for Background Layout

Printed Papers Scrapbook Ideas

Although you can get printed papers on Etsy and some craft stores such as Michaels and Hobby Lobby, why not make your own? Just look for nice images on the web and print it on your own. You can use these as your page background and stick all the photos, embellishments and stickers on top.

7. Stickers Scrapbook Ideas

Stickers Scrapbook Ideas

Stickers are really wonderful, aren’t they? There are numerous designs that are available on your nearby craft store or you can check out free printable designs on Pinterest and Etsy. Just find a good type of sticker paper, preferably matte, if you will print your own so you will get a high definition result.

8. Buttons Scrapbook Layout Ideas


Buttons Scrapbook Ideas

Got some old shirts that you no longer want to use? Get the buttons before you throw them away. These can serve as great embellishments on your scrapbook pages and definitely save you a lot of money! Use a glue stick so that they won’t be detached easily.

9. Dried Leaves as Scrapbook Design

Dried Leaves Scrapbook Ideas

Dried leaves are great embellishments on your scrapbook layout. Some may think, it will just ruin the page especially when it starts to wither. However, there are some ways to keep it intact. One method is through preservation using Glycerin. Mix one part glycerin to two parts water. Completely soak the leaves on the mixture for 2 to 6 days. Carefully dry it using a paper towel. Through this method, the leaves will not lose its flexibility as the natural moisture is replaced by the glycerin. Spray paint it to add a distinct look.

10. Journaling Cards

Project Life Cards Scrapbook Ideas

Journal cards are popular scrapbook materials that come in different brands, but the most popular ones were created by Becky Higgins – the Project Life Cards. There are different lines available, each can be used according to what your scrapbook’s theme. It may be a bit pricey but because the designs are breathtakingly amazing, you’ll surely get your money’s worth. If you do not have the budget yet to purchase the Project Life, you can check out free printables on Pinterest and other crafting sites. Just choose a design that will compliment your entire scrapbook layout.

11. Splitting Photos into Strips

Splitting Photos Scrapbook Ideas

Splitting photos into strips is yet another one of the greatest scrapbook ideas. Just cut the photos in different sizes and shapes, and stick them using a glue to create a special effect. Accentuate the design using beads and ribbons just like what the creator did on her/his scrapbook layout.

12. Washi Tapes Scrapbook Ideas

Washi Tapes Scrapbook Ideas

Washi tapes are made of natural fibers, usually hemp or bamboo, and are almost similar to masking tapes. You must have probably saw them on different scrapbooks since it really provides beautiful designs to the layouts. You can follow the image above where the user has placed different washi tape designs diagonally or you can place these on the sides where it will serve as a frame on the entire page.

13. Origami – Japanese Art

Origami Scrapbook Ideas

Origami is a type of Japanese art wherein you fold papers in order for you to form a particular image such as a flower, a bow, a boat, and so on and so forth. Because of its design, a lot of craft enthusiasts use it on their scrapbook pages using high quality printed papers. There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube that will teach you on how to achieve a certain image. To stick it on your page, you can use a glue or a double adhesive tape. Just make sure that it is secured so it will not fall off.

14. Doilies – not just used for serving cakes and teas!

Doilies Scrapbook Ideas

“Doily? The one used to serve teas, coffees and cupcakes? Can you really use it for scrapbooking?” I am sure you got confused. Yea, I am referring to the doily that you know, and yes, you can use it on your scrapbook! It is usually placed on the background to accentuate the photo that will be placed on top! The lace patterns that you usually see on it is definitely a great reason why craft enthusiasts have decided to use it on their work. You should try it out, too!

15. Foiling using the Heidi Swapp Minc Machine

Foiling Scrapbook Ideas

Here’s probably one of the few expensive scrapbook ideas as you will be required to purchase the Minc Foil Applicator from Heidi Swapp. It’s a cool equipment that lets you come up with “foiled” designs on your pages by applying heat on the surface. Basically, you will also need to have a good paper with “toner” from Amazon, or you can print your own using a laser printers and copiers. The foil will stick on the toner to create that eye-catching print.

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